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Publication date: 15 May 2019. A. Odincova

May 15, 2019. Acting Director of GC RAS Corresponding Member of RAS Anatoly Soloviev and Head of the Laboratory of geophysical data Boris Dzeboev visited the Pleshchenitsy geophysical observatory (65 km north of Minsk, Belarus) of the Center for Geophysical Monitoring of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) and got acquainted with the work of the observatory and a set of magnetometric equipment installed in non-magnetic pavilions and held a meeting with the observatory staff.

Plans were made for further joint development of the observatory, including organizing the transfer of geomagnetic data to the MAGNUS system in quasi-real time mode, their subsequent analysis for compliance with INTERMAGNET standards, launching a scalar magnetometer in the mode of continuous recording of values and conducting detailed geomagnetic surveys in the territory the observatory.

The visit resulted in the signing of an agreement on scientific cooperation between GC RAS and the Center of NASB, in accordance with the framework agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on November 18, 2002.

In the photo from left to right: L. V. Pustoshilo, head of the Pleschenitsy observatory, R. R. Seroglazov, deputy director of the Center for Geophysical Monitoring, A. G. Aronov, chief scientist of the Naroch Observatory, T. A. Protasovitskaya, research scientists of the Center, A. A. Soloviev, Acting Director of GC RAS and B. A. Dzeboev, Head of the Laboratory of geophysical data of GC RAS.

July 12, 2019. Within the framework of the XXVII General Assembly of the IUGG, the second meeting of the IUGG Council was held, at which the reports of the presidents of eight associations were presented.

July 10, 2019. the 27th IUGG General Assembly’s opening ceremony took place in the Montreal Congress Palace. The ceremony marked the 100th anniversary of IUGG. The ceremony was attended by the IUGG leadership and the local organizing committee of the Assembly, as well as representatives of the Canadian authorities.

June 28-July 03, 2019. An expedition of researchers of GC ras to the area of the Lower Kansky granitoid massif (Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory) took place to conduct geodynamic observations. The field work was carried out as part of the RSF project No. 18-17-00241 “Study of the sustainability of rock masses based on system analysis of geodynamic processes for geo-environmentally safe underground isolation of radioactive waste” in collaboration with the Institute for Safe Development of Nuclear Energy of RAS and with technical support from the Zheleznogorsky branch of FSUE NO RAO.

July 01, 2019. According to the results of the 2019 competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) for the event “Conducting Initiative Research by Young Scientists” of the Presidential Program of Research Projects Implemented by Leading Scientists, the project “System Analysis of the Effects of Astronomical Cyclicality on Paratethys Deposition Sedimentation” was supported. Project Manager is Deputy Director of GC RAS for Development A. I. Rybkina. Responsible project implementers - Professor, Head of the Department "Oil and Gas Sedimentology and Marine Geology" of MSU Yu. V. Rostovtseva, Head of the Laboratory of Geophysical Data, GC RAS B. Dzeboev , M.Sc., Laboratory of Innovation Projects, GC RAS Yu. I. Nikolova.